Othello throughout the play is perceived as a person with an abnormal amount of jealously. The relationship between Desdemona and Casio caused him to take his wife’s life, similar to this Debbi Wood from the UK also shares this extreme jealously towards her spouse. Debbi Wood has taken her jealously to new heights, she has come to use a lie detector every time her finance even leaves the house to grab some milk. This, however, is a diagnosed disease which has helped ease her a bit of the condition. Debbi and Othello both share  issues with trust, even though they are very vocal towards their love for their partners nothing seems to change the discomfort they feel when they are not in sight.

 In the short story " Cinthio's Hecatommithi" the general theme that would make an intresting adaption into othello onstage would be Jealously. Jelously is a theme which is very constant throughout the whole story, characters can drastically change there  Personality and intentions when jelously comes into play. Jealously, however, is a harder emotion to display in a theater production so I think it would be very intresting to see the adaption in this play.The jelously between Othello, Hugo and many other characters are such huge parts of the story so it would defintly be the best theme brought to life.

I think Othello will kill himself, from the pain of hurting the love of his life.  

   We are all born with labels, no matter who you are or where you come from  hese labels change how other people define you. In Zach Wahls captivating speech he fights for his right to break these labels, though Zach was raised in a family with two mothers he shows that people cant be discrimanted for that,  the most important thing that can come from a family is the love and support you have for each other and this doesn't matter what your parents sexual orientation is. Zach's speech really touched me because I personally share friends and family members who's sexuality isn't accepted in all societies, I want these people that I love to have a the chance to raise a family and have their children only judged on the content of their personality. Zach is living proof that same sex parenting hasn't had a negative effect on who he is, he  has grown up into a successful and remarkable man which I believe any parent would be proud to call there son. The government shouldn't deny rights for families like Zach because in the end they aren't very different from our own.
  Security is an issue that we will always have to deal with, I believe that someones safety is the most important thing you can provide however their is a big line between being precocious and sharing to much information. In the article they talked about the "Titanic Phenomenon" Like how the titanic was thought of as the unsinkable ship so they didn't provide the extra safety. In this new way of safety surveillance by scanning, eyes, voices, finger prints it may be a proficient way to provide what they are looking for but if this critical and personal information gets in the hands of the wrong person it is a very serious matter.  GIven the past track record of the government for data security, it brings up a lot of unsure people on giving this critical information that could cause a unfixable and lasting effect if stolen or lost.This new security system if successful could create a much safer and   efficient government, I think they should use this new technology to help protect all of their citizens but they should ensure many new safety  advances to keep this critical information protected. 
Being transgender is the idea of establishing a different persona from the biological gender that you were born in.Transgender children know they are born in the wrong bodies, from a  young age the children realize that this is not just a phase, and experts begin to diagnose them withe (GID)Gender identity disorder. Many young people are ostracized by family and peers and grow up in bodies hating themselves resulting in a high rate of depression, violence, drugs abuse and sadly suicide.The future however is hopefully a brighter one, hundreds of families with transgender children are joining together and take a dramatically different side to the argument, these parents are  learning to let their kids live in the bodies they know they truly are. I also found it very interesting in the article when it started talking about how these children identify with mermaids,  because there is no genitalia, they have nothing below the waist. Transgender youth have used mermaids to be 

Reading this article made me even more interested in the topic of being transgender. I think that this is such a fascinating thing  both biologically and socially, I would love to learn more about the different procedure these children face and the appropriate age gender that they can have it at. Its personally hard for me to identify what it would truly feel like to be trapped in the wrong body but i can tell even by reading this short article that it would make everyday life a serious challenge. I am a strong supporter that you as a person get to decide who you are, who you love and and what gender you want to identilfu yourself as. I hope through reading more articles i can start to understand more what this topic is about and how i could narrow it down into a question.

Stephan Fry, a British author, wrote an open letter to David Cameron 
and the IOC regarding the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Russian 
President Vladimir Putin banned “propaganda of non traditional sexual 
relations” in early June making Anti-Gay laws highly effective for Russian 
LGBT athletes whom are competing in Sochi 2014, as well as worldwide 
LGBT athletes who could be discriminated against. Russian officials were 
bewildered of the idea that competing countries care about the Ant-Gay 
laws, talking about boycotting the Olympics. In Fry’s letter he openly talks 
about the issues surrounding the LGBT and the comparison to Hitler’s 
reign in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.  Fry pleads for an absolute ban of the 
Sochi winter Olympics; saying it is necessary to move the events to another 
city.  Stephan Fry states that beatings, murders and humiliations of the 
LGBT are being ignored by the police in Russia and it is completely not 
acceptable to have gay athletes staying in Olympic villages were they may 
or may not be safe. In Fry’s eyes Talin is treating the LGBT athletes the exact way Hitler had treated the Jewish in the 1936 Olympics. 

Olympics is a time to unite the world, Athletes competing in the events 
should only be judged on how the perform in their particular sport.  I agree 
with Stephan’s fry’s statement to ban the Olympics from Sochi in 2014. 
Everyone in the Olympics should be seen as equal no matter whom you 
believe in or what your sexual orientation is. I am appalled by the fact we 
are still facing issues like this in twenty thirteen, has the past taught us 
nothing. No one should ever be discriminated against and especially in 
something so prestigious as the Winter Olympic Games. The world should 
come together to protect our love for sport and keep the same respect 
and honor for the Olympics that we have coming out of the London 2012 
games. Gay athletes should not have to worry about their safety during 
their time at the Olympics, and they should have the right to equality just 
like anyone else no matter your skin color or religion. I plead that we can 
move the games for the good of sport, equality and the respected five rings.