Security is an issue that we will always have to deal with, I believe that someones safety is the most important thing you can provide however their is a big line between being precocious and sharing to much information. In the article they talked about the "Titanic Phenomenon" Like how the titanic was thought of as the unsinkable ship so they didn't provide the extra safety. In this new way of safety surveillance by scanning, eyes, voices, finger prints it may be a proficient way to provide what they are looking for but if this critical and personal information gets in the hands of the wrong person it is a very serious matter.  GIven the past track record of the government for data security, it brings up a lot of unsure people on giving this critical information that could cause a unfixable and lasting effect if stolen or lost.This new security system if successful could create a much safer and   efficient government, I think they should use this new technology to help protect all of their citizens but they should ensure many new safety  advances to keep this critical information protected. 

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