Stephan Fry, a British author, wrote an open letter to David Cameron 
and the IOC regarding the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Russian 
President Vladimir Putin banned “propaganda of non traditional sexual 
relations” in early June making Anti-Gay laws highly effective for Russian 
LGBT athletes whom are competing in Sochi 2014, as well as worldwide 
LGBT athletes who could be discriminated against. Russian officials were 
bewildered of the idea that competing countries care about the Ant-Gay 
laws, talking about boycotting the Olympics. In Fry’s letter he openly talks 
about the issues surrounding the LGBT and the comparison to Hitler’s 
reign in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.  Fry pleads for an absolute ban of the 
Sochi winter Olympics; saying it is necessary to move the events to another 
city.  Stephan Fry states that beatings, murders and humiliations of the 
LGBT are being ignored by the police in Russia and it is completely not 
acceptable to have gay athletes staying in Olympic villages were they may 
or may not be safe. In Fry’s eyes Talin is treating the LGBT athletes the exact way Hitler had treated the Jewish in the 1936 Olympics. 

Olympics is a time to unite the world, Athletes competing in the events 
should only be judged on how the perform in their particular sport.  I agree 
with Stephan’s fry’s statement to ban the Olympics from Sochi in 2014. 
Everyone in the Olympics should be seen as equal no matter whom you 
believe in or what your sexual orientation is. I am appalled by the fact we 
are still facing issues like this in twenty thirteen, has the past taught us 
nothing. No one should ever be discriminated against and especially in 
something so prestigious as the Winter Olympic Games. The world should 
come together to protect our love for sport and keep the same respect 
and honor for the Olympics that we have coming out of the London 2012 
games. Gay athletes should not have to worry about their safety during 
their time at the Olympics, and they should have the right to equality just 
like anyone else no matter your skin color or religion. I plead that we can 
move the games for the good of sport, equality and the respected five rings.

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