Being transgender is the idea of establishing a different persona from the biological gender that you were born in.Transgender children know they are born in the wrong bodies, from a  young age the children realize that this is not just a phase, and experts begin to diagnose them withe (GID)Gender identity disorder. Many young people are ostracized by family and peers and grow up in bodies hating themselves resulting in a high rate of depression, violence, drugs abuse and sadly suicide.The future however is hopefully a brighter one, hundreds of families with transgender children are joining together and take a dramatically different side to the argument, these parents are  learning to let their kids live in the bodies they know they truly are. I also found it very interesting in the article when it started talking about how these children identify with mermaids,  because there is no genitalia, they have nothing below the waist. Transgender youth have used mermaids to be 

Reading this article made me even more interested in the topic of being transgender. I think that this is such a fascinating thing  both biologically and socially, I would love to learn more about the different procedure these children face and the appropriate age gender that they can have it at. Its personally hard for me to identify what it would truly feel like to be trapped in the wrong body but i can tell even by reading this short article that it would make everyday life a serious challenge. I am a strong supporter that you as a person get to decide who you are, who you love and and what gender you want to identilfu yourself as. I hope through reading more articles i can start to understand more what this topic is about and how i could narrow it down into a question.


Ms. D
10/22/2013 1:03pm

This is an interesting topic. I am guessing we will have to focus on something quite narrow so start thinking about what elements are the most interesting to you. Also...your first paragraph is incomplete! You didn't finish your sentence so be sure to proofread carefully for all errors!


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