We are all born with labels, no matter who you are or where you come from  hese labels change how other people define you. In Zach Wahls captivating speech he fights for his right to break these labels, though Zach was raised in a family with two mothers he shows that people cant be discrimanted for that,  the most important thing that can come from a family is the love and support you have for each other and this doesn't matter what your parents sexual orientation is. Zach's speech really touched me because I personally share friends and family members who's sexuality isn't accepted in all societies, I want these people that I love to have a the chance to raise a family and have their children only judged on the content of their personality. Zach is living proof that same sex parenting hasn't had a negative effect on who he is, he  has grown up into a successful and remarkable man which I believe any parent would be proud to call there son. The government shouldn't deny rights for families like Zach because in the end they aren't very different from our own.

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